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  • Disk Space
  • Monthly Bandwidth Transfer
  • SEO Friendly Multiple C-Class IPs
  • Separate cPanel per IP
  • Separate Nameservers per Domain
SEO Hosting
usa 2
  • 50GB
  • 5,000GB
  • 50

$149.95 /mo
seo hosting
usa 3
  • 100GB
  • 10,000GB
  • 100

$299.95 /mo
usa c-class
seo reseller 1
  • 10GB
  • 1,000GB
  • 10

$29.95 /mo

What is SEO Hosting?

Multiple C-Class IP SEO Hosting enables webmasters to host websites from one control panel and assign each account it's own different Class C IP address. Each SEO hosting plan comes with private branded name servers on separate Class C IP addresses.

Why Use SEO Hosting?

C-Class SEO hosting enables you to get links from other sites you own. So if you own, say, 25 sites and all 25 of those sites link to a selected website it's great for SEO, right? Well, many people in SEO think that Google takes into consideration the C-Class IP the sites are hosted on and if they are all hosted on the same IP Google takes that into consideration and either discounts the links or possibly even penalizes you in cases where there are large link networks going on.

What is a Separate C-Class IP?

Same C-Class IP tends to suggest IP's are from the "same server" and deferent C-Class IP tends to suggest IP's are from "deferent servers". In simple words if you have multiple sites that are interlinking each other, then your sites need to have unrelated IP addresses (deferent C-Class IP's). If they don't, creating multiple sites that have similar keyword structures and link to each other will most certainly cause the Google spiders to be suspicious and penalizes your sites from rankings.

Why Choose as Your SEO Hosting Provider? has been in SEO-Hosting business for 14 years with proven track record. We can proudly say that we have actually been in business, known and operated as for 14 years with customer reviews on multiple online communities, blogs and search engines for 14 years creating a verifiable track history. That is why many businesses choose as their reliable SEO hosting provider.

Is it True That Offers the Lowest Prices for SEO in the Industry?

Here at, we are so convinced that our SEO Plan prices are the best In the SEO Market!

Why Does Only Offer a Limited Number of C-Class IPs?

Our Plans are targeted for legislate webmasters who wants to improve their Search Engine rankings. Offering large amount of SEO IP's will attract SE Spammers who use black-hat SEO techniques influence the SE rankings in a massive scale. At we carefully use mix of SEO clients with normal clients on our servers. With these tactics we can proudly assure you that our IP's are 100% search engine friendly and not in anyway blacklisted by any of the search engines.

How Do You Provide SEO IPs for a Super Low Price? is there any catch?

Normally in order to provide multiple C-Class IP's the hosts needs to maintain large IP pools which ad up as a overhead cost for your hosting plans. As an example sometimes a host needs to maintain IP pool of 1000 IP's just to provide you with 100 C-Class IP's. being a main steam web hosting provider, we are able to use the remaining IP's of our SEO IP pool for our regular customers need such as installing SSL's. At no IP's are wasted so we are able to offer our SEO Plans 5-6 times cheaper than our competitors.


I found on Google while searching for reseller hosting and reseller hosting plans. They are both affordable and reliable. The uptime I have had on my reseller web hosting is simply amazing!

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